The Adventures of Ziggy The Prayer Girl

A book series designed for parents to read to their children while providing entertaining, imaginative, and faith-based stories sure to hold the attention of both the parents and the children. Each story is designed to bring faith and prayer into fun, and sometimes wild adventures that a parent and child can enjoy exploring together well beyond the closing of the book. 

Featured Book

Ugly Bugly

 In story #6, Ugly Bugly, brings us Ziggy and Jama standing up for a misunderstood boy that likes bugs. A stranded kitten in a tree, the bosses of the playground, and an approaching storm, all create an exciting story that shows just because a person may be different from others, they are still beautifully and wonderfully made by God and for God's glory. 

Check Out the Other Books in the Series

Book 1: Mr. Grump The New Neighbor

 “Mr. Grump, the New Neighbor”, introduces us to young Ziggy and her pet llama, Jama, as they bravely stand up to the “Shenanigan’s Gang” and courageously attempt to share God’s love to a mysterious new neighbor. 

Book 2: Zoom the Dolphin

Ziggy, and of course her best friend Jama the llama, have an amazing adventure at the beach, meet new friends like Zoom the dolphin and experience how seeking wisdom from the Holy Spirit in times of trouble demonstrates true bravery and true faith.  

Book 3: Scratch the Eagle

In story #3, Ziggy, and Jama the llama, visit Dad’s zoo and join the celebration releasing Scratch the Eagle back into the wild. But the story takes on some high-flying danger while exploring the concept of how God’s love and faithfulness towards us is endless, just like the sky appears endless above us. 

Book 4: The Flower Girl

In Story #4 of The Adventures of Ziggy The Prayer Girl series,, Ziggy struggles with her feelings when her best friend, Jama the llama, seems to enjoy spending more time with the new girl in town that loves flowers as much as Jama. Ziggy is reminded that love does not involve jealousy or the judging of others and Ziggy is surprised when she finds out what the Flower Girl's true intentions are. 

Book 5: The Bear

In Story #5 of The Adventures of Ziggy The Prayer Girl series, Ziggy and Jama meet two new friends in this new camping adventure where courage is found in the most unexpected circumstances. Two brothers, a wooden sword and an angry bear all come together with Ziggy’s faith and trust in God to bring the reader to a suspenseful story to be enjoyed by all! 

Book 7: The Golf Course Alligator

In Story #7, Ziggy and Jama, the llama, visit the golf course to find an upset alligator. To save the golfers and the alligator, Ziggy needs to call on the Holy Spirit for courage and trust before it's too late 

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