Vivie The Flower Girl

A subseries of the Ziggy The Prayer Girl stories focusing on a character "Vivie The Flower Girl" introduced in Book 4, "The Flower Girl" of the Ziggy series.  The Vivie series is designed for parents and children to understand that no matter your age, you can make an important difference in the world and with others you live with through the power of the Holy Spirit. These books are Faith-based stories providing fun and imaginative tales for the entire family. 

Book 1: The Flower Girl

"Field Day Bully", introduces us to a smart young girl, Vivie, the Flower Girl, and her little brother, Ollie, as they look to God for direction when running into the school bully. 

Book 2: Playground Monster 

"Playground Monster", In this exciting story, Vivie must use her faith to help a new friend who is being bullied.